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Rock and Soil Delivery in Phoenix, Oregon

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We Deliver Large & Small

We understand the importance of having the right materials for your project. Our rock and soil delivery service headquarters in Phoenix, Oregon, is designed to provide you with the highest quality materials suited to your specific needs. Whether it's for landscaping, gardening, or construction, we've got you covered.

big dump truck for rock delivery in phoenix oregon

Big Pete is ready to rock your driveway

Our full-size dump truck is great for long driveways and service roads. When you need a bunch of material delivered (or hualed away) then Big Pete is at your service!

big dump truck for rock delivery in phoenix oregon

Our COMPACT dump truck for those small jobs

It has the ability to go places even the average pickup truck can’t go. While not quite as big as the typical dump truck, this TopKick can haul up to 5 yards ( 14,000lbs.) of payload. That’s right folks, whether it’s rock, soil, compost or sand, this TopKick sure beats the truck & trailer gig. It’s no surprise why our customers are big fans, it saves them time & money.

C3 Enterprise Team

Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your project is completed on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction.







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Licensed & Bonded

CCB #229933

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