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Excavation Services in Medford, Oregon

Discover top-tier excavation services in Medford, where our expertise meets your project's needs.

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Our Excavation Services Include

From residential dreams to commercial ventures, we're your local excavation heroes.

Site Development

Transform your raw land into a ready-to-build site with our comprehensive site development services. From planning to execution, we ensure your land meets all requirements for your upcoming project.

Trench Digging For Utlities

Get power and water around your property with our trench digging services.


Ready to remove old structures? Our demolition services are safe, efficient, and mindful of environmental standards, clearing the way for new development.

An exavator digging a trench for a retaining wall in Medford, Oregon.
A retaining wall buit with rocks by an excavator.

Land Clearing

We offer land clearing services to prepare your property for new construction or landscaping, removing trees, stumps, and other obstacles.


Enhance your outdoor space with our hardscaping services. From patios to walkways, we create beautiful, functional outdoor living areas. Let us move the big boulders for you and make your backyard an art piece.

Driveways, Ditches & Culverts

Our expertise includes building durable gravel driveways, and installing ditches and culverts for effective water management.

Rock and Soil Delivery

Get high-quality rock and soil delivered directly to your site. Our materials are perfect for construction, landscaping, and gardening projects.

Blackberry & Brush Removal

Clear your land of invasive blackberry bushes and unwanted brush, improving the usability and aesthetics of your property.

Defensible Space

Create a buffer around your home to protect against wildfires with our defensible space services, removing flammable vegetation and materials.

An excavator loading up a dump truck with brush being clearded for a defenseable space.

Grading and Leveling

Ensure your project has the perfect foundation with our grading and leveling services, preparing your land with precision.

Erosion Control

Protect your property from water damage with our erosion control solutions, designed to preserve soil and prevent runoff.

French Drains

Protect your property from water damage with our erosion control solutions, designed to preserve soil and prevent runoff.

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